One of my favourite logos from 2017 was this bold, fresh logo designed for super mom and passionate entrepreneur, Faheemah Kolia, owner of Kiducate.

Kiducate is an established business specialising in retailing edutainment, gifts and resources for kids, teens and adults.


Context & Challenge

Being an established business, Faheemah found that the logo she was using no longer reflected her business adequately. Her previous logo gave the impression that her product range only catered for children. While this might have worked for her previously, this was no longer the case since her product range expanded to include products for teens and adults.

After an intense “Discovery Session”, a few hours on the drawing board and constant communication between myself and her, we created this bold, fresh logo with a striking colour palette.

After many attempts at finding a designer I could sync with, Zakiyya was a blessing.

She is professional, patient, accommodating and efficient. I was not just another “job” to her. She understands personality traits and doesn’t hesitate to extend herself to meet your objectives.

Faheemah Kolia

Owner, Kiducate